2baba Urges Increased Love and Support for IDPs in Nigeria


2baba Calls for Support to Bring Smiles to the Faces of IDPs

Innocent Idibia, the renowned Nigerian singer widely known as 2baba, has passionately appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to extend their support and bring joy to the lives of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Speaking at a breakfast chat organized by The 2baba Foundation in Lagos, 2baba emphasized that no support offered is insignificant or excessive, emphasizing the immense need for love and care for those affected by displacement.

Drawing from his personal experience visiting an IDP camp, the award-winning artist expressed deep empathy for the pain endured by these individuals and expressed a desire to do more for them. As an Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), 2baba called upon Nigerians to join hands and make a positive impact in the lives of IDPs, striving to bring smiles back to their faces.

Reflecting on the profound impact of his encounters with the displaced persons, 2baba acknowledged their unsettled circumstances and stressed the importance of ongoing support. He urged people not to be discouraged, emphasizing that every contribution, regardless of size, matters greatly in making a difference. Recognizing the sheer number of IDPs and their vulnerability, 2baba highlighted the significance of their well-being to prevent them from becoming victims of their circumstances or posing a threat to society.

2baba’s message resonated with the belief that no act of giving is too small. He emphasized the need for individuals to lend a helping hand whenever possible, not for the sake of showmanship but to inspire others to do the same. Through collective efforts, he aspires to ensure that the plight of the needy, especially IDPs, receives ongoing attention, care, and support.

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