A man takes a tragic action after discovering his wife with another person in their bedroom.


A 41-year-old woman, Chioneso Ephrame, tragically lost her life at the hands of her 50-year-old husband, Bwanali Bwanado. The fatal incident unfolded when Bwanali entered their bedroom and found his wife in the company of her boyfriend.

Zimbabwean authorities, in a released statement, revealed that Bwanali, consumed by anger, unsheathed a knife and inflicted fatal wounds on his wife. The official statement issued by the police read:

“Police in Chinhoyi are seeking information leading to the apprehension of Bwanali Bwanado (50) in connection with a murder case. He brutally stabbed his wife, Chioneso Ephraim (41), to her demise with an okapi knife after discovering her with her boyfriend on November 7, 2023, within their Gadzema residence.”

An unnamed relative of the deceased disclosed to iharare that following the horrendous act, Bwanali contacted Chioneso’s mother. The relative conveyed:

“Bwanali Bwanado called Chioneso’s mother and uttered, ‘I have tragically taken your daughter’s life. I am departing, and you shall not see me again.’ Subsequently, he terminated the call, rendering his phone inaccessible to reach. Chioneso’s mother then contacted the family maid, inquiring about the unfolding situation in Chinhoyi. The maid sadly confirmed the veracity of the incident: Bwanali had, indeed, fatally harmed his wife, Chioneso, who ultimately passed away at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital.”

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