A member of the military reportedly fatally wounds a bouncer at a nightclub in Rivers.


An unidentified soldier is accused of fatally stabbing a bouncer at a nightclub in Bonny Island, situated in the Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The incident reportedly unfolded when the bouncer, identified as Kingsley Abbey, conducted a routine search on the soldier at the club’s entrance on the night of December 11, 2023, and discovered a dagger in the soldier’s possession. Abbey, adhering to protocol, denied the soldier entry, sparking a heated argument.

Allegedly, in response to the refusal, the soldier retrieved the dagger and fatally stabbed the father of four. Diepreye Abbey, the victim’s wife, recounted her desperate search for her husband in various hospitals after learning of the incident. Regrettably, she found him deceased at Macurly, and she expressed her grief, narrating the tragic circumstances.

According to Diepreye Abbey, “I started crying and I asked what happened. They now told me that a uniformed man came to the club where he was working. As he was searching him, checking him all around, he said you cannot enter. From there the problem started. They said the man stabbed him.” The grieving mother of four is demanding justice for her late husband and stressed her financial concerns for their children.

The Rivers State Police Command, represented by SP Grace Iringe-Koko, confirmed the incident and assured that an investigation is underway to determine the identity of the suspect. She stated, “The investigation is ongoing to verify the identity of the person who committed the crime. Once we can get the identity of the person, we will take it up from there and ensure that the necessary procedure is followed.”

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