A person in the adult industry takes possession of a security guard’s firearm when he neglects to compensate her for the services rendered.


Evidence Mangonono, a 27-year-old security guard, found himself dispossessed of his firearm by a sex worker due to his failure to settle the payment for her services.

The incident unfolded near a bank where Mangonono was stationed as a security guard and was later presented before the Mutoko Magistrates Court, overseen by Magistrate Chiedza Gatsi. Nathan Majuru led the prosecution, revealing that the event took place on January 7 when Mangonono and his colleagues ingested sex-enhancing herbs.

Subsequently, Mangonono sought the services of a sex worker known as Choice, and the clandestine encounter occurred at the rear side of the bank where he worked.

When Mangonono didn’t fulfill his financial obligations to Choice for the provided services, she seized his service pistol as collateral for the unpaid transaction. The situation intensified when Mangonono’s employer discovered the absence of the service firearm and reported the incident to the police.

Recognizing the severity of the matter, Mangonono took corrective action, compensating Choice to retrieve the misplaced firearm.

Magistrate Gatsi imposed a one-year prison sentence on Mangonono with a conditional suspension. As part of the suspension terms, Mangonono is required to complete 325 hours of community service at Hurungwe Primary School in Murewa, Zimbabwe.

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