A prominent member of the LP (Labour Party) asserts that Peter Obi’s decision to appeal the tribunal’s verdict is a futile endeavor.


Moses Jolayemi, the coordinator of the 2023 Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council in Ekiti State, has expressed the view that Peter Obi’s decision to appeal the tribunal ruling at the Supreme Court is a pointless endeavor.

Jolayemi, who switched to the Labour Party after serving as the chairman of Segun Oni’s media team during his election campaign under the Social Democratic Party, had previously asserted that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not conduct a credible election in 2023. However, when asked by Punch about Obi’s appeal to the Supreme Court, Jolayemi contended that the tribunal’s verdict had been widely praised as “very good” by analysts, and he believes Obi’s appeal is unlikely to succeed.

He stated to the publication: “I don’t believe he will succeed at the Supreme Court or anywhere else. Senior advocates, analysts, and informed individuals have all reviewed the judgment, describing it as highly favorable. I don’t see how far he can progress.

“If you claim a mandate was stolen, the burden of proof lies with you, and it’s not just about proving it but proving it beyond reasonable and possibly unreasonable doubt.

“The truth is, the President has been installed, and it’s even more challenging now. From what we’ve heard, he (Obi) couldn’t convincingly substantiate his case. If your party won in a polling unit, you must have the results to support that assertion. It’s not just about talking. The judges also use social media, but they focus on facts and evidence presented to them, not what’s on social media or public sentiment.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t foresee this case advancing any further because I don’t see any new elements they could introduce at the Supreme Court. I consider it an exercise in futility.

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