A secondary school teacher has been apprehended on charges of sexual assault in Ogun.


An educator at a secondary school in Ogun state has been arrested on allegations of sexually assaulting two young women.

According to a post shared on X by Ojo Emmanuel, the Senior Special Assistant on New Media to the Ogun state governor, a young lady reported last Saturday that she had been a victim of rape by this teacher.

Following this report, a team took immediate action, accompanying the survivor to a laboratory for tests and then to the police station to file an official report.

Upon reaching the accused teacher’s residence, they encountered another young lady who claimed she had been held against her will and sexually assaulted by the same teacher.

Emmanuel confirmed that the suspect is now in police custody, awaiting further investigations. He provided the following details:

“On Saturday, a member of our team received a call from a young lady reporting that she had been sexually assaulted by a man. We promptly took action, offering support to the survivor, conducting necessary tests, and assisting her in making a formal report to the police.

We then proceeded to the accused teacher’s residence, but he refused to open the gate despite repeated attempts to reach him. We managed to locate the brother of the property owner, who helped us gain access to the premises.

Once inside, we heard the cries for help from a girl. With the support of the police, we apprehended Mr. Olaniran Lateef Adewale, a secondary school mathematics teacher at Ebenezer Grammar School, Iberekodo, Abeokuta. He hails from Ipokia Local Government in Ogun State and is employed under OGNO.30650 of Ogun State Teaching Service Commission.

The second girl with him accused him of coercing her into sexual intercourse and threatening her life unless she persuaded her family to send him money. Mr. Olaniran has been detained at the Ogun State Command Headquarters pending further investigation by the police.

We encourage anyone with valuable information about this individual to come forward. We also urge victims of sexual assault to report such cases to the ministry. These survivors will receive counseling to help them cope with the unimaginable trauma. We stand against victim-shaming and pledge to seek justice for the victims.”

During questioning, the accused teacher revealed that he had been separated from his wife for five years and had experienced loneliness since relocating to Abeokuta. He claimed that this loneliness compelled him to commit these sexual assaults.

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