A suspected arsonist set fire to a 75-year-old woman and two others in Kogi.


Unidentified arsonists targeted 75-year-old Mallama Meimunat Opaluwa Sani, setting her ablaze along with her first daughter, Hajarat Usman Sani, and her five-year-old granddaughter, Onechojo, in Kogi State. The tragic incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, January 4, at their Oketekwe residence in the Idah Local Government Area.

According to a family source, the assailants arrived at the house armed with petrol while Mallama Meimunat, her daughter, and granddaughter were sleeping. They doused the residence in petrol and ignited a fire. Regrettably, the five-year-old granddaughter succumbed to severe burns immediately, while Mallama Meimunat and her daughter were rushed to an undisclosed hospital. Unfortunately, Mallama Meimunat Opaluwa Sani did not survive her injuries, while her daughter is still in critical condition.

Mallama Meimunat Opaluwa Sani, who was honored with the title of Akwuma Attah Igala in 2023, has been laid to rest alongside her five-year-old granddaughter in accordance with Islamic rites.

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