A tragic incident in Taraba resulted in the electrocution of a father, mother, and their children.


A family of five in Taraba State has experienced a heartbreaking tragedy, with four of its members losing their lives due to electrocution in the Dinyavo area of Jalingo, the state capital, on October 2.

The father, mother, and two children were inside their home when the electrocution occurred. According to residents of the community, they suspect that a high voltage supply from the national grid may have triggered the incident.

An eyewitness reported, “This morning, there was a burst from the transformer. Everyone ran out, and smoke followed suit. A few seconds later, everyone started shouting, and before we knew it, a lot of houses were engulfed in smoke. I tried my best to rescue them, all to no avail because they locked themselves in. But when we succeeded in breaking the door, we realized that they were already electrocuted, and their neighbors were also affected by the electricity supply and rushed them to the hospital.”

The bodies of the deceased have been placed in a morgue

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