A tragic incident unfolded in Sokoto as bandits set ablaze a woman, her two children, and her daughter-in-law, resulting in their untimely deaths.


In the Kurya village of Rabbah Local Government Area, Sokoto State, at least 12 individuals, including a woman, two of her children, and her daughter-in-law, fell victim to bandit violence. The assailants, numbering in large groups, launched an attack on the village on the night of December 24, 2023, as reported by Yusuf Kurya, a resident of the community. Describing the harrowing incident, he stated, “The gunmen stormed our village in large numbers, shooting sporadically around 8:30 pm on Sunday night.”

Tragically, 12 people lost their lives during the attack, with four of them meeting a horrifying end as they were burnt alive. Additionally, the bandits abducted three women from the village, and a number of animals were rustled in the process. Responding to a distress call from the residents, troops of Operation Hadarin Daji were mobilized to pursue the attackers, resulting in the death of some of the bandits.

Confirming the incident, Sokoto State command’s spokesperson, ASP Ahmed Rufa’i, acknowledged the attack and reported that, according to the latest information from the village, seven individuals had been confirmed dead, with the possibility of the casualty figures rising.

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