A young corps member fatally assaulted by individuals believed to be robbers during a jog in Kaduna.


Grace Chalya Silas, a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), met a tragic end at the hands of unidentified assailants suspected to be armed robbers in Kaduna State.

While the precise details of the incident remain unclear as of the time of this report, it was learned that the University of Jos graduate fell victim to a deadly assault and robbery during her morning jog on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. In the wake of this distressing event, friends and former classmates have expressed their grief on Facebook.

In a heartfelt tribute, one Comfort Elisha lamented, “No, this can’t be true. What is happening to our fellow Jossites and the Special Education department? We are still mourning Kekefas Emmanuel, and now it’s Chalya, brutally taken from us in Kaduna during her routine morning jog while dutifully serving her nation. May those responsible for this heinous act find no peace, Chalya. This burden is almost too much to bear.”

Another friend expressed their disbelief, saying, “What is the meaning of life? To struggle and then be struck down by anyone while going for a morning run? Or to lay down to rest and never wake up? What is life? What is life? What is life? Chalya, your departure has left an immense wound that will take time to heal. Those responsible for your untimely demise shall find no peace. It’s painful to bid farewell, but may you rest in eternal peace with the Lord.”

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