Actress Favour Daniel Dies In Boat Accident


Nigerian comedian and actress Favour Daniel is dead.

The 26-year-old Favour, who was well-known for her social media antics, allegedly died in a boat accident.

The news of the tragic occurrence that claimed Favour’s life was made public by her older sister Elizabeth Daniel on Sunday.

She said, “It is with a heavy heart but in total submission to the will of our creator. I wish to announce the passing of my youngest sister.

“Favour Agiounim Daniels, known and loved by so many. Nickname Omoge, Amama, Omo, small pin charger and the names goes on!!!!!.

“My Amama, my baby girl I will miss you.

“I call her my shining light, she was simply beautiful. She had a boat accident on 5th of February 2023. She has now taken her rightful place in the one-room with her creator.

“I know that for sure. The giver of life I can’t question your decision.”

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