Actress Mia Goth faces a lawsuit for battery filed by a background actor known as ‘Maxxxine.’


Actress Mia Goth, renowned for her roles in “X” and “Pearl,” is facing a lawsuit from a background extra involved in her upcoming film series. The extra, identified as ‘Maxxxine,’ alleges intentional battery by Mia, accusing her of purposefully kicking him in the head during a scene.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Mia, along with director Ti West and A24, are named in the lawsuit. The incident reportedly occurred late at night last year while shooting the film.

The background actor recounts that the scene required him to wear a robe and be drenched in fake blood, lying in the dirt to play dead for several hours, enduring discomfort from ants and mosquitoes.

During the scene where Mia, portraying Maxine, was supposed to run past him, the actor claims that after a few takes, Mia “nearly stepped” on him despite warnings. In the subsequent take, he alleges that Mia intentionally kicked him in the head with her boot, causing significant pain and neck stiffness. Medical assistance was reportedly not provided on set.

The actor asserts that Mia confronted him in the bathroom afterward, “taunting, mocking, and belittling” him while daring him to take action. Peeling off the blood-stained robe later caused additional pain, and he experienced headaches and near fainting during the drive home.

The actor, who states he was removed from the production following the incident, is seeking at least $500,000 in damages for battery, wrongful termination, and punitive measures.

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