Adele discloses her ongoing struggle with a fungal skin infection


During her performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, the 35-year-old singer, Adele, humorously mentioned dealing with a fungal skin infection called jock itch. She attributed the condition to sweating in her Spanx under the hot stage lights. Adele shared with the audience that she was feeling extremely hot and even joked about her perspiration, stating that she needed a towel. She candidly admitted that she had been unaware of the existence of jock itch until her doctor diagnosed her with it.

Explaining further, Adele revealed that while performing, she wears Spanx to shape and support her body, causing her sweat to accumulate and not evaporate. Consequently, she ended up sitting in her own sweat, which led to the development of jock itch. Although she found it slightly crude to discuss, she admitted to using a medicated treatment for the infection, humorously remarking that it made her feel like an athlete. She playfully shared this personal detail with the audience, jokingly questioning why she had shared such information.

In addition to discussing her skin condition, Adele opened up about other topics during the concert. She mentioned her enthusiasm for weightlifting and her recent return from a vacation in Miami with her girlfriends. She amusingly revealed an unsuccessful attempt to sneak into a gay club during the trip, as she was instantly recognized. Adele also spoke about her eventful holiday in the Dominican Republic, where she engaged in a four-hour karaoke session that left her concerned about potentially losing her voice. Reflecting on her wild nights out, she admitted that she was no longer able to pull all-nighters and preferred an early bedtime.

Overall, Adele shared these anecdotes and experiences with her audience, expressing her joy at returning to her Vegas residency after a three-month break and emphasizing how much she loves performing for her fans.

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