Adele officially acknowledges her marriage to her partner Rich Paul.


Adele has reportedly confirmed her marriage to Rich Paul, ending lingering speculation about their marital status. The news was revealed at her best friend Alan Carr’s comedy show in Los Angeles, where Adele, attending the event, enthusiastically responded to Carr’s inquiry about recent marriages.

An eyewitness shared their experience, stating, “I was at Alan Carr’s comedy show in LA tonight, and Adele was in the audience. Alan asked the crowd if anyone got married recently, and Adele shouted ‘I did.'” Another attendee at the intimate show added, “When he asked if anyone got married recently, she yelled ‘I did.’ Super cute all around and was super sweet but dipped right before it ended.”

Adele’s openness extended to her presence at the event, as she sat behind an audience member, seemingly unconcerned about being noticed and even playfully heckled Carr alongside her friend. This revelation follows past instances where Adele had referred to Rich Paul as her husband during a Las Vegas concert in September.

Addressing rumors about their marriage, Rich Paul had previously mentioned in an interview that they have been supportive of each other during their two-year relationship. However, when asked directly about the marriage rumors on CBS Mornings, he maintained privacy, stating, “It’s not for the media.”

The couple’s relationship became public in July 2021 when they were spotted together at an NBA game, and since then, their bond has been a subject of public interest

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