After residing in America for 61 years, a physician forfeits their US citizenship.


Siavash Sobhani, a highly regarded medical doctor and longtime resident of North Virginia, has had his citizenship revoked at the age of 61. Born in the US, Sobhani recently received a letter from the US State Department, following his passport renewal application in February. The letter cited that his father had diplomatic status at the Iranian Embassy during Sobhani’s birth, asserting that, due to diplomatic immunity, he should not have been granted citizenship.

Despite practicing medicine for over thirty years, Sobhani never encountered this issue before. Each time his passport was renewed, the State Department reaffirmed his American citizenship. Now 62, Sobhani, contemplating retirement, had plans to travel the world with his spouse for a year in search of a new home. However, he must now apply for lawful permanent residence and adhere to the State Department’s guidelines.

Sobhani, who has already incurred over $40,000 in legal expenses, is uncertain about the resolution date of his case. Frustrated, he wonders about the potential delays in the process, expressing concerns about waiting periods for interviews and subsequent steps. Seeking assistance, he has written to the senator from Virginia and his congressional representative.

Congressman Gerald Edward Connolly, representing Virginia’s 11th congressional district, has corresponded with US Citizenship and Immigration Services on Sobhani’s behalf. The physician’s future is uncertain, especially considering his outspoken stance against the Iranian regime, making it unsafe for him to live there. Additionally, he worries about obtaining a passport in time for his son’s wedding in Portugal the following year and is unable to visit his gravely ill father-in-law in Lebanon

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