“AGF cautions politicians against criticizing the judiciary.”


The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, has issued a warning to Nigerians and politicians, urging them to refrain from criticizing the judiciary in light of recent court judgments related to the last election.

Speaking to journalists in his hometown in Kwara state, Fagbemi dismissed the allegations circulating about the country’s judiciary as mere cheap blackmail. He emphasized that anyone with concrete evidence against a judge should come forward with it.

Fagbemi stated, “You lost at the tribunal, you lost at the Appeal Court and at the Supreme Court, yet you are insinuating foul play. I think even apart from the law, morality also demands that you accept the outcome as it is.”

Acknowledging the fallibility of judges as human beings, he encouraged individuals to bring forth evidence if they believed the course of justice had been perverted. He asserted that unfounded insinuations tarnish the nation’s reputation, emphasizing that he would not yield to blackmail without concrete evidence.

Addressing the need to give President Tinubu an opportunity to improve the country’s fortunes, Fagbemi highlighted Tinubu’s readiness for the task and urged patience to witness the full impact of his efforts. He emphasized that Tinubu is not focused on immediate benefits but on achieving long-term gains.

Fagbemi concluded, “He is not somebody who is just learning the job. He has done it before in Lagos State. I am not equating Lagos with Nigeria. Immediately after his swearing in, he has been all out to seek investors’ buy-in, resulting in positive responses from foreign investors. The only thing we need is to exercise some patience, as even a planted tree won’t grow into fruition until after a while.”

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