Apprentice succumbs to injuries following severe beating by employer.


Tragedy struck as an apprentice named Onome passed away after reportedly enduring a beating from his employer, identified as Orunor, in Sapele, Delta State.

According to reports by Punch, the incident occurred at a carpenter’s workshop along New Ogorode Road, Sapele, a few days ago. Orunor, accusing Onome of both “lateness to work” and stealing his Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card, decided to discipline the apprentice through physical punishment.

The purported beating took a grim turn for Onome, who, upon returning home, complained to his parents about widespread pain throughout his body. Despite being taken to the hospital for treatment, he tragically passed away before receiving medical attention.

Upon learning of the apprentice’s demise, Orunor, the master, reportedly went into hiding.

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