Boxer Frank Bruno has taken to social media to refute false reports of his demise after observing the hashtag #RIPFrank trending online.


Frank Bruno, the former British professional boxer, has turned to social media to clarify that he is very much alive, dispelling concerns raised by the trending hashtag #RIPFrank.

The former World Heavyweight champion reacted after spotting the trend on social media, confirming that it was not him who had passed away. In fact, the trend emerged following the sad demise of former Scottish footballer Frank McDougall on Sunday night.

After numerous tributes were paid to the ex-St Mirren and Aberdeen striker online, Bruno’s name became one of the top trends. However, the 61-year-old promptly took to his social media page to assure his fans that the posts were unrelated to him. In a light-hearted tone, he comically shared, “Good morning! I keep seeing #RIPFrank trending and had to check to make sure I haven’t died.”

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