Brainjotter Confirms Gistlover’s Report On Missing Cousin


Nigerian skit maker, Brain Jotter has confirmed Gistlover’s story of his female cousin been missing.

Gistlover had said his cousin, Precious Chidalu Ihedimbu, had allegedly gone missing and then accused some policemen of murdering her.

Breaking his silence, the comedian, born Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, said though his cousin has been missing since last year, they have been hopeful, that she will one day return home,

He says Gistlover’s report, actually broke the news of his cousin’s death to his family and they now seek justice for her.

Breaking his silence and that of his family, the comedian wrote;

“It is true my cousin didn’t return home after she left her parents house since last year. According to the information reaching every related families from her parents, they didn’t know her whereabouts. But hopes were high that she will soon return.

“Seeing the news about her disappearance with actual information from @gistloverblog.mediahouse is even more heartbreaking and devastating. Her parents has seen the news about their missing daughter as well as other related family members and we would solely be acting upon their decisions respectfully.

“It is very sad and heartbreaking that Nigeria has once again happened to us @nigerianpolice, why are we threatened by the people that are suppose to protect us.

“This is even one out of many other victims, and it is very heartbreaking that the people that are meant to protect us are the ones killing us.

“This is not an individual fight, this are deep government concerns and if they care about us, they already know what to do with the news circulating the internet already. It is well with Nigeria.”

“@nigeriapoliceforce Please do something, the people are Suffering. This is too much trauma amongst many in Nigeria already. We need Justice. @nigeriapoliceforce.”

Muyiwa Adejobi, police spokesperson, had earlier announced that investigation is ongoing into the matter.

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