Buhari expresses the challenges of governing Nigerians as highly demanding.


Former President Muhammadu Buhari asserts that he dedicated eight years to leading Nigeria to the best of his abilities. In his initial interview since passing the leadership baton to President Bola Tinubu in May, Buhari acknowledges that the evaluation of whether his presidency was sufficient is a matter for the public to decide.

“God granted me the opportunity to serve my country, and I gave it my all. However, whether my best was satisfactory, I leave to the judgment of the people,” Buhari stated.

Acknowledging the challenges of governing Nigerians, he noted, “Nigerians are extremely demanding. They are aware of their rights and believe they should be in control, not you. They scrutinize virtually every move you make, and you must strive day and night to prove your competence.”

When questioned about the possibility of his government being influenced by a cabal, Buhari expressed uncertainty but suggested that such influence might have occurred. He emphasized that anyone who violated the law should not be allowed to escape accountability.

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