Burna Boy expressed his recognition of achieving stardom, stating, “I realized I had become a star when I successfully sold out a stadium in the south-east.”


During an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Burna Boy reflected on his experience of performing in a stadium in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria for the first time. He expressed that the overwhelming turnout of fans made him realize the extent of his popularity.

Burna Boy acknowledged that the South-Eastern audience tends to have a strong preference for artists from their own region, making it a significant achievement for an outsider like him to be embraced by them.

The Afrobeats sensation admitted that he had never witnessed such an outpouring of love before, and initially, he doubted its authenticity. He recognized that the South-Eastern audience primarily supports their own, so if they embrace an artist who hails from outside the region, it serves as confirmation of their widespread appeal.

Burna Boy marveled at the experience, emphasizing, “I have never seen anything like that. I didn’t even think it was real. It was a genuine and remarkable occurrence.”


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