Clash between UNIBEN students and soldiers over cash withdrawal


On Thursday, there was a clash between students at the University of Benin and soldiers due to a disagreement over cash withdrawal at an ATM machine.

The conflict arose after soldiers tried to skip the queue and were met with resistance from the waiting students, who were upset over the soldiers’ similar behavior the previous day.

The situation escalated when the Chief Security Officer, who tried to intervene, was allegedly assaulted by the soldiers. This led to the students blocking roads and causing a traffic jam.

The situation was eventually resolved with the intervention of local residents and the police, who appealed to the students and arranged for the repair of a damaged phone belonging to one of their classmates.

The Vice Chancellor of the university issued a statement condemning the incident and calling for calm.

The management is working with the military to resolve the issue peacefully and encouraged students to use dialogue to address their concerns instead of resorting to protests.

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