Coleen Rooney opens up about her decision to stay with her husband, Wayne Rooney, despite his infidelity.



Coleen Rooney has candidly shared her reasons for not leaving her husband, Wayne Rooney, despite his past infidelity. The 37-year-old, set to appear in the Disney+ documentary titled “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” emphasized that her marriage is a private matter and not open for public judgment.

Coleen expressed that people often assume they know the ins and outs of her relationship, but only she and Wayne truly understand it. She spoke about Wayne’s qualities as a father, highlighting his excellence with their sons and his exceptional bedtime skills. She asserted that love still exists in their relationship, stating, “If there wasn’t love, we wouldn’t still be together.”

In her words, “I think if you’re in the public eye, people look upon you and think they know you, but they don’t actually. We know each other. There’s love there, and if there wasn’t we wouldn’t still be together. So I’m not stupid.”

Coleen acknowledged that while people might offer their opinions on what they would have done, they aren’t privy to the intricacies of her marriage. She stressed her desire to live life her way and stated, “You can comment on my life all you like, but that’s the way I want to live it. And hopefully, that’s how it always will be.”

The WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of footballers) added that she and Wayne still have areas in their relationship to work on.

Furthermore, Coleen talked about her private life and how she’s perceived by those close to her. She highlighted the fact that not all footballers’ wives need to be famous and that she values the authentic friendships she has with other football mothers. She also recognized the difference between genuine friendships and those formed for the sake of her status.

These comments from Coleen came after Rebekah Vardy criticized her and Wayne’s marriage. Rebekah, who is married to soccer player Jamie Vardy, took issue with Coleen discussing their ongoing feud, known as “Wagatha Christie,” in British Vogue.

In the interview, Coleen addressed the libel trial brought by Rebekah after Coleen accused her of leaking personal details to the press. Although Coleen won the trial, Rebekah expressed frustration that the matter was still being discussed and declared that she had moved on from it.

Coleen’s remarks also led to a social media exchange between her and Rebekah’s followers, where they debated the trial’s outcome and its continued discussion in the public domain.


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