“Divine Blessing: Nigerian Mother and Daughter Celebrate Graduation from Nursing School in the United States”


A Nigerian Woman and Her Daughter Achieve Nursing School Graduation Together in the United States

Theresa Udie, a native of Cross River, took to Facebook on Wednesday, October 18, to share a heartwarming moment as she and her daughter graduated from nursing school together.

Sharing photos from their graduation, Theresa expressed their remarkable journey as a mother-daughter nursing team. She wrote, “MY DAUGHTER AND I GRADUATED NURSING SCHOOL TOGETHER. It’s time to celebrate the incredible journey we’ve had as a mother and daughter in nursing school.”

She went on to highlight the challenges they faced, from sleepless nights dedicated to exam preparation to the delicate balancing act of work and school. Throughout it all, they supported each other as classmates, teammates, and family. Theresa couldn’t be prouder of their joint achievement in realizing their dream of becoming nurses.

She continued, “Here’s to the late-night study sessions, the laughter, the tears, and the countless memories we’ve created on this journey. We extend our gratitude to our loved ones for their unwavering support. Together, we made it!”

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