During his court testimony in a $250 million fraud trial, Trump criticizes the judge and attorney general, accusing them of misconduct and political bias.


On Monday, November 6, former US President Donald Trump vehemently criticized the judge presiding over the $250 million civil fraud trial that poses a threat to his family’s business empire. This outburst marked a dramatic display of anger while he testified in court.

While standing at the witness stand, Trump launched into a lengthy tirade against Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, accusing him of bias. He peppered his remarks with personal attacks on the judge, claiming that Engoron was prejudiced against him, and also took aim at the state attorney.

Trump referred to Letitia James’ civil trial as “election interference” and invoked concerns about urban crime. He expressed his disdain for the trial, stating, “I think this case is a disgrace. Many people are leaving New York because of exactly this kind of thinking.” He also criticized the crime situation in New York while James was present in the courtroom, suggesting a link between the trial and his ongoing legal troubles.

During his outburst, Trump asserted, “It’s election interference because you want to keep me in the courthouse!” He demanded a jury trial and complained that James had sued him under an inappropriate statute, characterizing the case as an “unfair witch hunt.”

This diatribe followed questioning by a lawyer for New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has accused Trump, his two adult sons, and his company of deliberately inflating the values of his assets to gain financial advantages. James is seeking a permanent ban on Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump from conducting business in New York due to alleged financial fraud spanning several years.

Trump also directed harsh words at James, labeling her a “political hack” and using other derogatory language.

In his initial moments on the witness stand, Trump expressed his frustration with the lawyer questioning him and his Democratic adversaries, referring to them as “all haters.” He also claimed that Judge Engoron “always rules against me,” prompting the judge to respond that this statement “isn’t true.”

At times, Engoron appeared exasperated by Trump’s testimony and the interruptions from his attorneys. He repeatedly admonished Trump to answer questions directly and avoid giving lengthy speeches, cautioning the defense team that Trump’s outbursts could weaken his legal case.

“This is a very unfair trial,” Trump asserted at one point.

Before entering the courtroom, Trump had already displayed his anger, characterizing the trial as a form of “election interference” conspiracy aimed at undermining his potential 2024 presidential campaign.

“It’s a very sad situation for our country,” Trump told reporters before entering the courthouse.

On the other side, Letitia James emphasized the importance of facts and numbers, stating, “At the end of the day, the only thing that matters are the facts.”

Testifying in court is a rare occurrence for the former president and the current front-runner in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

Trump maintained that the financial statements central to the case were not intended to be definitive. He argued that his net worth exceeded what was indicated on those statements and emphasized that they included a disclaimer clause advising readers to conduct their own due diligence.

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