Eden Hazard downplays retirement speculation after parting ways with Real Madrid


The 32-year-old footballer is set to become a free agent after mutually terminating his contract with Real Madrid due to frustrations with injuries that limited his playing time last season. Recent rumors have suggested that Hazard might consider a move to an MLS team or potentially join RWDM Molenbeek, a Belgian top-flight club that includes his brother Kylian.

When questioned about retirement, Hazard responded, “I’ve come across a lot of rumors about myself lately, and most of it is nonsense.” Regarding the possibility of joining RWDM Molenbeek, he added, “I can’t say if it’s foolish or not at this moment… I’m still figuring things out and don’t have all the answers yet.”

Nevertheless, Hazard confidently stated, “I can assure you that I am still capable of being a professional footballer. My body is up to the task, especially after having three years of rest.” He emphasized his desire to spend quality time with his family and enjoy a well-deserved holiday following the challenging past few years.

Having retired from international football last year, Hazard bid farewell to the national team during the halftime break of the 1-1 draw against Austria, expressing his gratitude to the fans.

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