Elozonam: Why I will marry village girl


Elozonam Ogbolu, a well-known participant of the reality show Big Brother and content creator, recently expressed his preference for marrying a village girl rather than a girl from Lagos.

During his appearance as a guest on the Is This Seat Taken podcast, hosted by actress Chinasa Anukam, Elozonam shared his views on relationships and marriage. He mentioned that due to his perception of many Lagos girls being involved in interconnected relationships, he might consider marrying a girl from a village instead.

Elozonam explained, “Lagos is a cesspool. The person you are involved with romantically may have connections with someone you know or are acquainted with. Therefore, I have often contemplated that if I decide to get married, I would seek out a girl from a remote village [laughs].”

By saying this, he meant that he would explore the possibility of finding a partner outside of the bustling and interconnected social circles of Lagos, as he perceives the city as a challenging environment for genuine connections.

It’s important to note that Elozonam’s statements reflect his personal opinions and preferences regarding relationships and marriage.

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