Fashola asserts that Tinubu lacks a constitutional role in the conflicts in Ondo and Rivers.


Former Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola, emphasized that there is no need for President Bola Tinubu to intervene in the ongoing political crises in Rivers and Ondo states, as the constitution does not grant such authority.

Speaking at the Nigerian Air Force Officers Mess Honourary Members Forum 2023 Annual Lecture in Lagos, Fashola pointed out that the constitution clearly delineates the appropriate procedures and roles for officials in such circumstances.

He stated, “Does the Constitution assign a role to the President in this matter? Are those urging the President to take action in Ondo and Rivers states not aware that the President has no constitutional role in these matters?”

Fashola also commended the “blue-blood Ondo indigenes” who advocated for law and constitutionality during their state’s recent crisis, which was eventually resolved by the governor’s intervention.

He concluded, “Fortunately, in our Ondo case, some distinguished Ondo indigenes have taken a stand. However, they remain a visible minority. We have already amended the constitution, so what remains to be amended, except ourselves?”

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