Governor Adeleke has initiated a staff audit in Osun State.


Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has launched a comprehensive staff audit in the state’s public service. The audit process commenced with the biometric capture of Governor Adeleke, the Deputy Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Assembly. In preparation for the audit, Governor Adeleke held a closed-door meeting with state labor leaders to ensure the protection and fulfillment of the interests of all stakeholders.

Governor Ademola emphasized that the staff audit is not intended to target individuals but rather serves as part of his administration’s plan to address existing vacancies within sectors such as education, health, and others in the state. He reassured workers and stakeholders that the welfare of employees is a top priority for his administration and that no action will be taken to negatively impact formal and informal workers.

The governor highlighted the objectives of the staff audit, including streamlining the payroll system, verifying the actual number of state employees, and identifying vacant positions across various sectors of the public service. The audit aims to authenticate workforce data and determine the specific needs for teachers and healthcare workers. Governor Adeleke expressed the importance of data-driven management in the public service, particularly in assessing the required number of teachers in schools and identifying subject-specific teaching needs.

The compilation of vacancies for teachers and healthcare workers is nearing completion, providing crucial information for effective management of the public service. The governor’s administration seeks to ensure efficient staffing and improve the overall quality of education and healthcare services in Osun State.

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