Governor Alia prohibits Local Government Chairmen from exiting their respective councils.


Governor Hyacinth Alia has mandated that Local Government Area Chairmen in Benue state must obtain his approval before leaving their Council Headquarters. The approval process for their departure will be facilitated through the Special Adviser, Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (BLGCA). This directive aims to empower the chairmen to effectively oversee their respective Councils, particularly in light of recent security breaches in some LGAs within the state.

Governor Alia emphasized the need for the chairmen to stay within their Councils, citing the lack of proper accommodation for some of them. He urged those facing accommodation challenges to arrange alternative lodging until the state government can address the issue of fixing their lodges. Additionally, the governor stressed the importance of collaboration between the chairmen, local communities, chiefs, and security agencies to enhance security measures within the Councils.

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