Governor Matawalle swears by Quran to prove that he has no link to bandits


Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state has sworn by the Quran to prove that he has no ties to bandits terrorizing the state.


The Governor also challenged residents of the state irrespective of their status to do the same, while receiving an award as the Khadimul Quran conferred on him by the Centre for Quranic Reciter, Nigeria.


Matawalle said;


“As I’ve been mentioning, the issue of insecurity is not just for Federal Government, governor or other security agencies; the issue of insecurity is for all of us, and we should not politicise the issue of insecurity.

“I have sworn with the Holy Quran that if I know, or if I am part of, or I know anybody who is coordinating this (banditry), or with my hand or any of my family, may Allah not give me (speaks in Arabic) in this life.

“I dare all the people from Zamfara State, from our father, Aliyu Gusau to Yarima Bakura and all the cabinet members, right from the inception of the political dispensation of the state, to take this oat as I did.”


The Governor who described the present security situation as worrisome,  stressed that as the Chief Security Officer of Zamfara, he would do everything possible to provide a secured and peaceful environment.

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