Happy Birthday Iremide Nicole


Today, a New day dawns, a New year unfolds and a New chapter is flipped. It’s your fourth birthday my beautiful daughter.

IREMIDE, Your birth hallmarked the beginning of many significant ‘IRE’ (goodness) in the family.
We celebrate your special day again today, nonetheless, everyday is special with you in it.

My little princess, to the world you may just be a little child, however, to me, you are an essence of life, you are My World.

IRE, a beautifully braided beauty, wonderfully and uniquely crafted in the most awe inspiring fashion by the Maker.
Certainly, you are God’s very own masterpiece.

You’re an Inviting Spice whose fragrance draws men from their nooks and is sought for by the acclaimed wise in the lousy cities.

I haven’t met a better soul whose looks supersede what my eyes have captured (in you).
For I see divergent yet , pretty rays in sparkles all around you, an attestation to your sweet fragrance and comeliness

Come over and transport my words, for they are the best definition of your person; and the vivid reflection of what you will be.
May your light break through every night unhindered,
and shine through every cloud like the beautiful morning sunrise that brings a renewed hope.

It’s another day to express my affection towards you my dearest daughter.
I love you and always will.
Happy birthday.
With love from Mom&Dad.❤️

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