In an effort to alleviate economic challenges, civil servants in Lagos will transition to a three-day workweek.


Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has unveiled plans to alleviate economic pressures on residents by implementing a new work schedule for civil servants. During a live media chat titled ‘Sanwo Speaks’, the governor announced measures aimed at easing the financial strain on Lagosians following the removal of petrol subsidies and the unification of exchange rates by President Bola Tinubu in 2023.

Sanwo-Olu disclosed that civil servants from level 1 to 14 will transition to a three-day workweek, with employees reporting to their offices only three times a week. Additionally, those on levels 15 to 17 will be required to work four days a week under the new arrangement.

“We are instituting a plan where civil servants from level 1 to 14 will attend office a maximum of three times a week, in a scheduled manner,” stated the governor. “Work schedules will be calendarized to ensure continuity. Employees on levels 15 to 17 will have one day off.”

While public school teachers will maintain their regular five-day workweek due to the nature of academic activities, Sanwo-Olu assured additional transport support for them. Furthermore, the governor announced a 25 percent reduction in fares for state-owned transport services, effective from the upcoming weekend. Discussions will also be held with transport unions to explore further fare reductions.

To address food security concerns, the state government plans to identify caterers and local eateries in each local government area to provide meals for at least 1,000 people daily. Additionally, “Sunday markets” will be established in 42 designated markets across the state, offering food items at a discounted rate of 25 percent to residents.

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