In Zaria, the police have apprehended a school principal and vice principal in connection with the fatal beating of a student.


According to a statement from the Kaduna State Police, the Principal and Vice Principal of Al-Azhar School in Zaria have been arrested in connection with the tragic death of Marwanu Nuhu Sambo, a JSS3 student at the school on October 21. The incident involved severe corporal punishment administered by the Principal, Vice Principal, and school prefects for Sambo’s alleged absenteeism.

Upon contacting the Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Mansir Hassan, to confirm the school’s statement about the arrest of those involved, he stated, “The police are fully aware of the incident, and we are in control of the situation. Two suspects have been arrested in connection to the incident. The Commissioner of Police has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the matter to determine its root cause.”

It was reported that Sambo was publicly disciplined at an assembly for his attendance issues and was subjected to brutal punishment, including more than a hundred cane strokes. The Principal ordered 105 cane strokes at the assembly, after which Sambo was taken to an office, where he was stripped and further beaten with sticks on the head, back, and body. This relentless assault by school prefects resulted in the loss of one of Sambo’s teeth, after which he fell into a coma. Instead of rushing him to the hospital, the prefects left his body near the male toilets on the school premises until the end of the school day.

Witnessing the distressing event, other students raised alarm, prompting teachers to rush to the scene. They discovered that Sambo had tragically passed away.

In a subsequent statement, the school management expressed deep sorrow over the incident and extended condolences to the deceased student’s family. The school emphasized that the punishment inflicted on Sambo was not part of its official policy and was carried out without consultation. The officers responsible for the “irresponsible punishment” were suspended from the school and handed over to the Nigerian Police Force for investigation and appropriate action. The school also announced its temporary closure for academic activities until further notice.

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