Kidnappers have fatally attacked two individuals who arrived to deliver a ransom in Plateau.


Two residents from Angware community in Jos East Local Government Area of Plateau State have been murdered by kidnappers. They met this unfortunate fate when they courageously attempted to deliver a ransom for their abducted relatives. The victims have been identified as Agada Sambo from Maigemu District and an individual known as Azi.

On Monday, July 31, Moses Sule, a resident of Angware community, reported the killings to Punch in Jos. He stated that the victims were tragically murdered on Saturday. Sule also informed that the victims were laid to rest on Sunday, and in response to the incident, security agents have initiated a hunt for the bandits involved in the crime.

According to the report from Angware, the headquarters of Jos East LGA, two individuals fell victim to kidnappers on the night of Saturday, July 29. The deceased were identified as Agada Sambo from Zangam village in Maigemu District of Jos East and one Azi from Kayarda, also in Maigemu District of Jos East.

Agada had bravely gone to deliver the ransom for the release of another resident, Luka Izang, who was abducted approximately two weeks earlier. Tragically, he was held captive while Izang was set free, but eventually, the kidnappers decided to end Agada’s life. Jerry was then dispatched with another ransom to secure Agada’s freedom, but the kidnappers deceitfully accepted the ransom, returned Jerry, and subsequently killed both Agada and Azi. Fortunately, a third person who accompanied Jerry was able to escape, while Agada and Azi met their tragic end at the hands of the kidnappers’ bullets.

Both Azi and Agada, though hailing from different villages, were laid to rest in the same grave in Zangam, following an agreement among their relatives.

The kidnappers responsible for this heinous act are still on the run. In response, the police, military personnel, and local hunters have launched a comprehensive search operation, scouring the forest and rocks of Maigemu village in pursuit of the perpetrators.


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