Man takes coronavirus vaccine 17 times so that anti-vaxxers could get Covid vaccine passes


An Indonesian man took Covid vaccine 17 times in place of anti-vaxxers who didn’t want to take the vaccine but wanted Covid vaccine passes.


Indonesian Police are currently investigating the case of self-proclaimed “vaccine jockey” Abdul Rahim who claims he was paid £40 for each shot he took on behalf of others.

In Indonesia, you need a vaccine certificate to enter bars, cafes and shopping centres.


The MailOnline reports that Rahim from Pinrang, on the island of Sulawesi, boasted of his efforts in a video clip and even claimed he had received three shots in one day.

Police have reportedly found the people suspected of paying Rahim and are considering charges against him too under their Infectious Diseases Law.


If convicted, he could face a year in prison for hindering ‘the implementation of pandemic control.’

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