Michael Caine has announced his retirement from the world of acting.


Michael Caine, the iconic British actor who has received two Academy Awards, has officially declared his retirement from the world of acting. The 90-year-old veteran shared this news during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today show on Saturday, October 14, stating, “I keep saying I’m going to retire. Well, I am now. I’ve recently been a part of a film where I played the leading role and received incredible reviews… What could I possibly do that would surpass this?”

Caine also revealed his desire to conclude his illustrious film career, which has spanned an impressive seven decades, on a high note. He commented, “The only roles I’m likely to be offered now are for characters aged 90 or maybe 85. They won’t be lead roles. Leading men aren’t typically 90 years old; they’re the young, handsome individuals. So, I’ve concluded that it’s best to exit on this high note.” He had previously discussed his retirement plans and had suggested that “The Great Escaper” would be his final cinematic endeavor.

However, this isn’t the first time a Caine film has been promoted as his farewell appearance, with both “Harry Brown” in 2009 and “Best Sellers” in 2021 receiving similar billing. This announcement comes a month after he informed The Guardian that he was set to portray Charles Darwin in a forthcoming film scheduled for shooting in the following year.

Caine’s ultimate cinematic role will be in “The Great Escaper,” a film based on the true story of Bernard Jordan, who escaped from his nursing home to attend the 70th-anniversary commemorations of D-Day. The film also features the late Glenda Jackson, who passed away in June at the age of 87. Caine paid tribute to the esteemed actress with the statement, “Glenda was one of our greatest movie actresses.”

Since his debut film role in 1950, Sir Michael Caine has graced at least 160 films and has garnered numerous accolades, including Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 1986 (for “Hannah and Her Sisters”) and 1999 (for “The Cider House Rules”).

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