Muhammad Wilkerson, renowned NFL player, apprehended on charges of driving under the influence with a loaded firearm in his vehicle.


Once again, former NFL star Muhammad Wilkerson finds himself in legal trouble, having been arrested by police for allegedly driving under the influence with a loaded firearm concealed beneath his car seat.

Wilkerson’s encounter with law enforcement occurred in Morris County, New Jersey, on December 22 at 6:41 AM. During the traffic stop, officers noted signs of impairment, citing a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the vehicle of the former New York Jets pass rusher. Wilkerson reportedly mentioned coming from a New York City club, and shortly afterward, he failed field sobriety tests.

Following the failed tests, Wilkerson was taken into custody. A subsequent search of his vehicle revealed not only an open bottle of Don Julio tequila but also an FN 509 Tactical Handgun containing 11 hollow point bullets. Wilkerson informed the police that he had purchased the firearm in Florida but failed to provide proper documentation.

Legal proceedings indicate that Wilkerson now faces multiple charges, including operating a vehicle under the influence and unlawful possession of a handgun. Scheduled court hearings on these charges are set for the upcoming month.

This incident marks a repeat offense for Wilkerson, as he faced similar accusations of driving under the influence in both 2020 and 2019. The former Jets first-round pick from the 2011 NFL Draft achieved one Pro Bowl appearance and recorded 44.5 sacks during his eight seasons in the league.

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