Naira Scarcity: Beggars Cry Out Over Hunger


Beggars in Jigawa State have cried out over the decline in almsgiving as a result of the scarcity of the new naira notes.

Some of the beggars expressed their concern while speaking with Daily Post in Dutse, the State capital.

Malam Sani, one of the beggars along Kiyawa road in Dutse, said before the new naira policy, he used to get enough money for his needs and that of his family.

“Before the issue of this new naira note, the money I was getting was enough for my transport fare and my family’s needs.

“But right now, it is even difficult to get the money that would transport me back to the village,” he told Daily Post.

Malama Halima, one of the women begging along Kiyawa road in Dutse, lamented that she was now finding it difficult to feed herself and her two children.

“Since the morning that we came out, I only got N70 and I have to take care of myself and these children,” she said.

They appealed to the Federal Government to look into the situation and ease the suffering of the masses.

Also only few beggars were available at their begging spots.

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