Natalia Bryant shares her aspirations to carry forward her father’s legacy.


Natalia shared, “It’s about consistently presenting your best self, regardless of all the distractions.”

She continued, “I aim to preserve that mindset, especially when facing challenges. It’s easy to lose faith in yourself when things become difficult. You must remind yourself that with optimism and resilience, you can overcome anything.”

In her conversation with Elle about being the featured personality in UGG’s latest campaign, “Feels Like UGG,” Natalia also elaborated on her approach to navigating life’s tough moments, emphasizing how she dedicates her energy to things that bring her joy.

“I spend quality time with my loved ones, such as my family,” Natalia explained. “I hang out with friends and indulge in my favorite music. Engaging in activities that bring me peace and enhance my mental state is crucial. It’s essential to focus on life’s positive aspects.”

Natalia faced a profound tragedy when she lost her father, Kobe, and her 13-year-old younger sister, Gianna, in a tragic helicopter crash in January 2020, alongside seven other individuals.

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