On New Year’s Day, the Delta State Public Relations Officer (PRO) advises residents not to spend the crossover night inside a cell, urging compliance with the ban on fireworks.


The Delta State Police Command’s spokesperson, DSP Bright Edafe, has issued a reminder to residents of the state regarding the prohibition of fireworks. Through a post on his social media handle, Edafe emphasized the importance of adhering to the ban to avoid spending the New Year’s crossover night in police custody.

In his message, he highlighted the New Year’s Eve celebration, cautioning against the use of fireworks, especially in Delta State. Edafe pointed out the potential risks associated with the use of fireworks, emphasizing that criminals could exploit the situation to carry out illegal activities unnoticed. The ban, he stressed, is in the best interest of the public, aiming to prevent armed robberies and kidnappings facilitated by the cover of fireworks.

Edafe concluded by stating that law enforcement officers have been instructed to enforce the ban, warning individuals against jeopardizing their celebrations by ending up in police custody. Additionally, he humorously addressed those seeking giveaways, indicating that his message itself serves as his contribution.

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