Telecom shutdown: 2000 ‘informants’ have been arrested in Zamfara – Commissioner


Zamfara state Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Ibrahim Dosara has said that the telecommunication shutdown in the state has been sucessful as over 2000 ‘informants’ have been arrested.


Speaking in Kaduna State on Thursday September 30, while giving an update on the ongoing military operations in the state, Dosara said the suspected informants are undergoing serious interrogation for them to disclose their perpetrators ‎and collaborators.

Also revealing that security agencies are working on the information given by the suspected informants to arrest those collaborators, he added that many bandits have been neutralized, while some fled to neighbouring states like Sokoto and Katsina.


Dosara said;


“We have recorded a lot of successes in the last one month of the operation as many bandits have fled the state to Sokoto and Kastsina state. We succeeded in so many respect by making Many of them to flee the State.

“Just a day ago a Commissioner of Police in Sokoto said 80 percent of Zamfara bandits are now in Sokoto while only 20 percent are remaining in Katsina and Zamfara state.  As it’s now security agencies have arrested over 2000 informants in the state and are undergoing interrogation and they mentioned names of their collaborators to include some highly personalities and the security agencies are working on the information provided to get at their collaborators.”


Noting that the state government is aware of the hardship the telecom shutdown has caused, Dosara however said the decision was taken to free the state from attacks.


The commissioner further announced that telecommunication services will be restored in the state before the end of the week.

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