TG Omori Warns Against Visiting Lekki and Sango, Citing Portable Threats


Controversial Nigerian singer Portable has raised concerns over the safety of popular music director TG Omori. The warning came after Omori agreed to shoot Portable’s music video, following intense pressure on social media. The two recently held an Instagram live session, where Portable expressed his dissatisfaction with Omori’s fees and made a joke about not wanting Omori to visit Lekki or Sango.

Portable, who is known for his bold and often controversial statements, jokingly threatened Omori not to visit the Lekki area of Lagos State or Sango for his own safety. This statement has raised questions about the safety of the two in these locations, and has sparked a new round of discussion about the current state of security in Nigeria.

During the live session, Portable also expressed his frustration with Omori’s expensive charges, and questioned why Omori was giving him attitude. In response, Omori stated that his priority was to make money, and that it wasn’t personal.

This recent interaction between Portable and TG Omori has once again put the spotlight on the music industry in Nigeria, and the challenges that artists face in getting their work out to the public. Whether it’s due to high fees, security concerns, or other factors, the Nigerian music industry continues to face many challenges.

However, despite these challenges, the talent and passion of the artists continues to shine through, and the industry continues to grow and evolve. Whether you’re a fan of Portable or TG Omori, or simply appreciate good music, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of talent and creativity in Nigeria.

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