The Defense Chief disclosed that each soldier, including myself, receives a daily operation allowance of N1,200.


The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, has disclosed that he and other soldiers receive a daily operation allowance of N1,200. Speaking about the welfare of soldiers in an interview on Channels TV on Tuesday, December 19, the CDS emphasized that all military personnel, regardless of rank, receive the same operation allowance.

General Musa advocated for increased salaries for soldiers, asserting that they deserve better compensation for their dedicated service. He highlighted the constitutional responsibility of the armed forces in ensuring territorial integrity and stressed the need for improved living conditions, including accommodation.

He stated, “My dream is for every officer and soldier to have accommodation that he can look up and say this is my own, this is my barracks.” General Musa acknowledged the challenges faced by soldiers due to ongoing operations, emphasizing that the issue of cash allowance is crucial. He disclosed that both generals and soldiers receive the same daily allowance of N1,200 during operations.

Expressing concern about the current salary levels, General Musa revealed that soldiers receive less than N50,000 as their monthly salary. He appealed for a salary that reflects the value of the work they do, emphasizing that improved compensation would serve as motivation for soldiers to enhance their performance.

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