The military has issued a warning to individuals advocating for a coup in response to the current economic challenges.


The Nigerian military has issued a stern warning to individuals advocating for a coup amid the country’s deepening economic crisis. With concerns rising over the worsening economic conditions, some voices within Nigeria have hinted at the possibility of a military intervention if urgent measures are not taken.

Responding to these assertions, General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, denounced such calls for a coup, emphasizing that those promoting such ideas are acting against the nation’s interests. Speaking to journalists after commissioning projects in Port Harcourt, General Musa reaffirmed the military’s commitment to upholding democracy and protecting the country’s democratic institutions.

“Anyone advocating for a coup does not have the best interests of Nigeria at heart,” General Musa asserted. “The Armed Forces of Nigeria are dedicated to safeguarding democracy, as we firmly believe that democracy is the best path for our nation’s progress. Those who seek to undermine democracy will face the full force of the law.”

General Musa acknowledged the challenges facing the country but emphasized the importance of resilience and collective effort in overcoming them. He urged Nigerians to unite in confronting the adversaries of progress and assured them that the Armed Forces are fully committed to supporting the government in fostering development and ensuring peace across the nation.

“In times of hardship, it is crucial to remain steadfast and work together towards a brighter future,” General Musa continued. “Despite the challenges, I am confident that Nigeria will emerge stronger. Let us join hands to defeat those who seek to derail our progress and build a prosperous and peaceful nation.”

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