Three men jailed for stabbing policeman in the buttocks


Three Zimbabwean men have been handed a six-year jail sentence for assaulting and stabbing a police officer on the arms, shoulder and buttocks. 
Nkosilathi Ngwenya (21), Mduduzi Sibanda (22) and Melusi Ngwenya (23) who appeared for trial before Bulawayo regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga each facing charges of attempted murder and escaping from lawful custody, had pleaded not guilty to both charges.
Ruling on the case, the magistrate stated that the trio publicly humiliated a police officer, Constable Simbarashe Mhembere, as they manhandled him and severely punched and kicked him before stabbing him with a knife. They also wrestled the handcuff keys from Mhembere and uncuffed one of their accomplices while a mob was watching.
For attempted murder charges, they were each sentenced to serve five years behind bars and all had one year suspended for good behaviour. The magistrate then slapped each of them with a two-year jail sentence for escaping from lawful custody. They will each be in jail for six years.

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