Tinubu declares Nigeria’s readiness for business during the G20 Investment Summit and the Compact with Africa Conference.


Bola Tinubu delivered an address to the audience at the G20 Investment Summit and the Compact with Africa Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The Nigerian President traveled to Berlin on Saturday, November 18, to participate in the conference, aiming to attract investments in energy and infrastructure while fostering trade, according to his office.

Hosted by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the conference centers on strengthening economic and business cooperation between African nations and G20 countries, as stated by spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale in a released statement.

During his speech at the event, President Buhari emphasized, “I’ve reiterated on numerous occasions that Nigeria is open for business. It marks a transformative period for Nigeria. Since the democratic elections of 1999, we have witnessed a peaceful transition of power between successive governments and political parties.

“Nigeria operates as a civil democracy. Since assuming office in May of this year, we have initiated transformative changes, eliminating obstacles impeding our businesses. Our economic reforms are guided by the principles and philosophy of good governance.

“With the largest population in Africa and the continent’s largest economy, Nigeria is undergoing reforms to create a conducive environment for foreign investors.”

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