Tragic Family Feud: Woman Arrested After Killing Aunt in Electricity Usage Dispute


Zimbabwean authorities have apprehended a 27-year-old woman named Nella Kundai for fatally stabbing her 41-year-old aunt, Dorothy Matongo, following a disagreement over electricity usage in their shared home. The dispute arose when Kundai, facing financial strain, refused to contribute to the electricity bill. Matongo, sympathizing with her niece, paid to restore power but specified it should only be used for lighting, not cooking. Ignoring her aunt’s directive, Kundai used the electricity for cooking, sparking a heated argument that escalated into violence. Kundai stabbed Matongo three times in the chest, leading to her death. Matongo’s family alleges that earlier reports of tensions were ignored by the police, claiming the tragedy could have been prevented. Prime, Matongo’s daughter, sustained injuries while trying to intervene. Kundai is currently detained, facing murder charges and awaiting court proceedings.


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