Woman, 24, admits having sex with boy, 13, after cops find grim evidence on her phone



A counselor has confessed to engaging in sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy under her care after police monitored her phone and discovered disturbing evidence.

Payton Shires, 24, has been implicated in illicit sexual activity with a minor. Investigators in Columbus, Ohio, claim to have found distressing video evidence of the sexual encounter with the minor.

This case was set in motion when a concerned parent voiced their suspicions in September, prompting swift action from law enforcement. The unnamed boy’s mother reached out to the Columbus Police on September 27 and inquired about the existence of certain videos. During this process, officers arranged a three-way call involving themselves, the mother, and Shires.

The alleged confession of Payton Shires came to light during this three-way call between the counselor and the boy’s mother. In that conversation, Shires purportedly admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with the unnamed 13-year-old.

Following this revelation, Shires was taken into custody, and her mugshot, along with her counseling license details, were made public. Records indicate that Shires had received her counseling license from the National Youth Advocate Program on June 12 of the current year. A representative from the organization has issued a statement acknowledging the situation, emphasizing their commitment to child protection and their cooperation with the authorities.

The National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) provides support to families in the foster care system. While they are now aware of Shires’ alleged misconduct, they did not specify when she had ceased working for them.

Shires is currently detained at the Franklin County Corrections Center and appeared in court on Friday, October 6. She met the bail requirement set by Judge Mike McAllister, which exceeds £400,000 ($500,000).

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