Woman who had intimate relationships with 300 partners in a single year loses her position in a corporate office.


A woman who openly discussed her experiences of engaging in intimate relationships with 300 individuals, both men and women, reportedly lost her corporate job when her employer discovered her involvement in an OnlyFans account.

Annie Knight, 26, shared her story on SBS’ Insight on October 10th, expressing her surprise at being terminated from her corporate position.

Knight had initially believed that her OnlyFans activities wouldn’t impact her job, but her concerns became a reality after a few years with the company.

“When I first started my account, I was definitely worried about this,” she admitted. “The last thing I wanted was to be fired if someone found my OnlyFans.”

Her fears materialized a few years later, shortly after she had started a new job. On her fifth day, she went home sick and received an email informing her of her contract termination.

The email contained screenshots from her OnlyFans account, along with three reasons for her dismissal. The reasons included allegations that she falsely claimed to have a side business, didn’t seek the company’s permission for this side venture, and shared explicit images of herself with explicit language on the internet. The company deemed this behavior unacceptable.

The former marketing manager stated, “To an extent, I’m glad I was let go. I’m much happier now and enjoy more freedom. I’m earning a significantly higher income now compared to my previous job.”

Earlier in the year, Annie appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, openly discussing her explicit activities and boasting of her encounters with 300 partners in a single year.

She admitted to being open to a wide range of experiences, doing “pretty much everything” on her OnlyFans account. Annie also acknowledged her interactions with multiple partners in one day, finding men on dating apps and maintaining a roster of regulars she engaged with.

She expressed empowerment through her experiences, saying, “Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good.”

Additionally, Annie shared stories of intimate encounters in public settings, such as having sex “under a restaurant table” during a date and occasionally feeling the urge to engage in sexual activities in public restrooms.

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